Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Comments Section of this Blog...

...had gotten completely out of control and something had to be done. I really enjoy reading the comments by folks, but for some time they have gone to the wayside because of the enormous amount of advertisements that starting filling each post. So tonight, with the help of some Highland Brewing Company Gaelic Ale and the new Travel By Sea album, I decided to clean out all of the crap and leave only the "real" posts, with their wealth of knowledge and insight. But in order to restore the comment section back to its original glory, I had to make some changes. You will no longer be able to make a comment if you are not signed into a google account. I did this to try and lessen the number of Japanese and Russian advertisers taking over my blog, but I realize this may also cut down on the amount of legitimate feedback since not everyone has a google account. So unfortunately, if you want to comment, you will need a free google account. And once you have said account, you can then start to "follow" (google equivalent of a facebook "like") my account and be one of my "followers"!

I want to thank everyone who has left me some feedback in the comment section of this blog. I apologize for ignoring many of the comments for so long because I thought that everything coming in was sent to me by some Japanese robot pornographer. I realize now that not all of you are Japanese robot pornographers and that there are some actual fans and I really appreciate that. Thank you for all the praises and criticisms, and I will try to work out some of the requests made. I started this blog a few years back as a way to keep track of all the songs I was tabbing out. I never thought it would be a helpful resource to so many people, and I'm glad to know that people other than myself are getting enjoyment out of it.

Once again, thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. If you have any ideas, suggestions, well-wishes, reminders, praises, criticisms, news, crude jokes, or any additional information you want to share, you can leave it in the newly renovated comments section!! (The first person to advertise Viagra gets a Snickers bar!)


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Cerca Trova said...

Now how will I find out about awesome Russian viagra at low, low prices? Or have access to Japanese robot porn? I'll have to go elsewhere, I guess...all jokes aside, the tabs on this blog are awesome. Keep up the good work.