Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cary Hudson - Song in C

on a gravel road twenty miles from town

live the writer Larry Brown

up into the hills feeling free

red hawk circles high above the trees

riding on the breeze

talking about a Montana job
who killed Pizza Bob
stopping at the store for more beer and ice
got cigarettes and pizza by the slice
and fuzzy dice

Profit Ridge we made our way
across the county for half a day
and back to Taylor as the sun was sinking low
people on their front porch waving low
take it slow

in front of the old country store in Taylor
a bluegrass band on a flatbed trailer
is laying it down with a sound so bittersweet
I don't know if I should cry or tap my feet
or dance in the street

Jimmy D and Nicky sitting on a bench
surrounded by many a lovely wench
telling a joke, sharing a toke on the slide
I can smell the catfish being fried
hush puppies on the side

Vick laying his widdle on a stick
he moves slow but his wits are quick
takes a sip of whiskey and sighs
says "boys this is paradise"
you know he never lies

band was playing fast and high
the girls were shaking everything they got
hound dogs are howling at the moon
then the singer called out for one last tune
much too soon

so it's time to say goodbye
my oh my how the time does fly
one more round then I'm bound to go
down Campground Cemetery Road
back to my abode

fare you well my good ole friend
until we meet again
I know we will some sunny day
then we'll take out guitars out and play
our blues away


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bahen, great song.

Some of the lyrics the way I hear them are different, there is a Cary that has some lyrics posted and this song was in there.

"On a gravel road twenty miles from town, I'm lowriding with Larry Brown"

"From Prophet Bridge we made our way, across the county for half a day...people on their front porch wave hello, and take it slow"

"Big Lynn is whittling on a stick, he moves slow but his wits are quick"

Thanks man, great blog!


greatbahen said...

Ha, I guess it would be a good idea to check the artist's official website! Thanks, I will have to go back and fix that one. There are several other songs on here that need fixing too, so I guess I'd better get on that.